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More Apple Music

JXXX Compiler Service

This Web page lets you compile Java code when you don’t have the JDK installed (via Lambda).

Are Programmers People?

Ken Arnold:

If we accept that programmers are humans, one primary and interesting consequence is that human factors issues can be properly applied towards the tools they use.…I am speaking about the more basic tools programmers use every minute they do their work: programming languages and APIs.
Consider garbage collection. One can argue up and down about the overhead, etc., but consider this: Two of the best selling C++ books are Scott Meyer’s Effective C++ and More Effective C++. The single largest category of the 85 tips—about one quarter of them—is dealing with potential memory leaks.…This is fundamentally a human factors problem: You can tell people how to avoid the whirling knives of the abattoir, or you can close the abattoir door.

(via Ned Batchelder)


Tony Arnold has updated iTableView.


Dennis G. Jerz:

On the web, a blurb is a line or short paragraph (20–50 words) that evaluates (or at least summarizes) what the reader will find at the other end of a link. A good blurb should inform, not tease. Usability testing will help you determine the best way to lay out your blurbs, but this document will help you write the content.

Better Distribution of Mac OS X Software

Dan Frakes has written an article that every Mac developer should read. My favorite piece of advice: put the full name of the product and the version number in the name of the disk image.

Quote of the Day

Classes are what make objects possible, and without objects, object-oriented programming would not make sense.Special Edition Using Java, quoted by Douglas Dunn on the now-defunct