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Apple Music

I really want to hear the details of the DRM. How is the iPod special wrt authorization? What happens if I burn a CD and then rip it?

I’m not sure yet how much I’ll use this service. Unlike Jobs, I like albums, and the prices seem geared towards singles. Right now, I see it as mostly useful for previewing and accessing previously unreleased material. I didn’t see the original version of “Slow Motion,” though.


The album prices are cheap--most for $9.99. You don't have to pay $.99 for each song if you get 'em all.

I'm not a fan of getting the actual disc because I'll end up ripping it anyway. Saves time.

Personally, I think it depends on the music/perfromer as to whether I'll buy a CD or not.

For instance, I was looking through the Pink Floyd and Roger Waters sections. I toyed with the idea of picking up Dark Side of the Moon or Amused to Death. When I thought about it a bit more, I decided that any additional cost for the CD was worth it because of what they put into the packaging. (to be fair, tho, Amazon has both albums for less than the cost of Apple's downloads...)

Converserly, I don't think the packaging adds all that much to an SR-71 disc or Live's first disc - whenever I into a largish music store/department, I'd see Mental Jewelry and think about getting it. I've only heard one track on the disc, so I wasn't willing to pay $17+ on the chance I'd like it. For $10, I'll take a chance or two.

Mental Jewelry is worth $10. :-)

Yeah, I definitely agree now that I'm listening to it. Shoulda played it before the SR-71 disc :)

Apple charges $14.99 for the 1984 Dark Side of the Moon. The new SACD version at Amazon is $13.99.

Apple makes you buy Amused to Death track-by-track and there are 14 tracks. Amazon has it for $11.98.

In many cases Apple doesn't even offer the full album.

I guess my perception is colored by having a tiny-capacity Rio rather than an iPod. I would end up burning it anyway. Saves time. :-)

I wonder where the premium on certain tracks/albums is coming from? Apple, the record companies, or a bit of both?

I don't know when the last time I used my 32 MB Nomad was, but digital music is so much more convenient than lugging CDs to work.

...and after pulling my laptop off the desk by the headphone cord, I view an iPod purchase not so much as aquiring a music player but as PowerBook insurance :)

Of course, I'll also be investing in one of the insance CompUSA we'll warranty anything plans.

Here's more good stuff from Bill Bumgarner. I agree with him that this is an amazing 1.0.

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