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PlayStation FireWire

Bill Bumgarner:

While the elimination of the FireWire port from the PS2 does not necessarily mean the end of such a vision, it is certainly likely.


I was woundering how I would hook up my playstation 2 up to my computer, I was woundering if you knew. Through firewire or usb. If i could hook up my ps2, is there a way to download games and play them off the computer? Please reply. Thank you

Yeah, I've been wishing to do exactly the same thing for a long time... anyone know how to connect the two machines? Please let us know!

I have a network card installed in my PS2 and a ftp server running on my ps2.
Also crossover network cable to computer.
ftp client on pc can see filesystems of my ps2 memory card, ps2 HDD, PS2 dvd drive.

Does anyone know of the possibility of connectivity between the PS2 and the Nintendo Wii. Furthermore, between the Wii and PC. Not much information has been disclosed so far but im hoping it atleast presents the features that the PS2 does for this.

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