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Internationalizing Cocoa Applications

Stepwise has published an internationalization article by Malcolm Crawford and Bill Cheeseman. New to me were the magic command-line switches -AppleLanguages (for launching an application using a different language) and -NSShowNonLocalizedStrings (for logging to the console when a localized string can’t be found). It’s a good article, but I’d rather read about the non-technical aspects of localization.


> It's a good article,

Thank you :-)

> but I'd rather read about the non-technical aspects of localization.

OK, are you able to elaborate? You mean the sorts of things a translator will have to deal with, for example? There may be scope for a less-technical follow-on (in the fullness of time...).

I mean things like how to find good translators, what kind of compensation is reasonable, which level of service to choose, how to get them the information they need as soon as possible so they don't slow down the release cycle, and how to make sure they understand the domain well enough so that they translate the right senses of the words. Those are just blind stabs, but I imagine there are a lot of issues. Mainly, I'm hoping for an article that would answer the questions that I don't know enough to ask. :-)

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