Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Web Search From LaunchBar

Mac OS X Hints has a tip for a LaunchBar AppleScript that lets you type in a search term for your favorite engine. It’s a nice idea, but Huevos supports multiple engines and launches faster than an AppleScript applet.

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Never understood Huevos... Seems like an extra step. I have URL substitution favorites in Camino and it is waaay faster.

Well, I use iCab and Safari, both of which only have one search site shortcut.

Ahh. Well I type "g whatever I want" into Camino and search Google for "whatever I want". Have ? triggered to search, amzn to search Amazon, eb to search ebay, and the most impressive: news to search a collection of news tabs (Google news, Yahoo! news, New York Times, and a few others). It's quite nice.

Yup. I've requested that my preferred browsers include that feature. :-)

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