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The Tyranny of E-Mail

Rainer Brockerhoff links to The Tyranny of Email. This is why I’m almost never on iChat.


You're not on iChat cuz you lack the inability or the desire to multitask and work with others. :-)

As for me, I lack the inability to realize that you can't really lack an INability. :-P

Yeah, I find that I'm much more productive when I don't multitask. Context switches have too much overhead. :-) I can't even listen to good music while programming or writing.

In the last 3 months, I found out the hard way that I can multitask phones, iChatting, weblogging, answering e-mail, reading RSS feeds, and doing family stuff... with some loss in all departments, but it's doable.

But I failed to do any Cocoa programming whatsoever, PHP programming for my site dropped to a snail's pace, and I missed the deadline for writing a MacHack paper. Perhaps it's time to break out the Provigil pills...? :-)

Does this mean you listen to bad music when programming or writing? ;-)

Sometimes. I have no trouble with music I can ignore.

I love that movie. I can't imagine anyone but John Cusack playing Rob. It has to have one of the best opening lines ever.

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