Thursday, March 6, 2003

Multipage-view Safari

Chris Turner:

I can’t wait to hear what Michael and Gruber have to say about this really good mock-up.

I tend to like using lots of separate windows. iCab introduced the idea of letting the user choose to open new windows in the background, and that has served me well. It has a command for stacking them, and in Jaguar all OS X apps can cycle through windows with Command-`. I haven’t liked the tab implementations I’ve seen because you can’t fit very many tabs in the window width before the titles become as unreadable as the Windows Taskbar (or there are awkward scrolling tabs like in older Metrowerks programs). This is worse for me because I tend to use narrow windows. The vertical mock-ups are interesting, but I agree with Dave Hyatt that thumbnails aren’t the answer. Chris says that he doesn’t like the vertical layout because it takes too much screen space. Well, I don’t see how you’d do it with less and still be able to read all the titles. I certainly don’t think a drawer is the answer. It would be better to use a design like Entourage’s folder list. That is easy to hide and show, and it fits in well with the keyboard loop. But perhaps Hyatt and crew can think of something better.

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