Thursday, March 6, 2003

iDVD 3

When my brother tries to play the DVD that he just burned, the audio starts two seconds after the video, and they remain out of sync for the rest of the DVD. This problem did not occur in iMovie or in iDVD’s preview. Does anyone know how to fix this without burning through lots of disks experimenting?

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I personally think there are some problems with both iMovie 3 and iDVD 3. I had odd sync problems in a long iMovie project and, in iDVD, the playback wouldn't return to the menu screen at the end of the video.

Apple just released iMovie 3.02 tonight. I can't say yet if it'll fix some of the problems because I've basically resigned to making notes of my various titles and transitions, and doing it over.

I updated to iMovie 3.02 and still have problems, although

I did not start from scratch on the project after updating.

Basically, the preview of 1 hour movie has audio synchronization, but the burned dvd does not. This is true

even when I export to self-contained quicktime movie

and use this in iDVD. (That had been suggested as a


Phil Gadomski

I also had problems with audio synchronization in these programs. In iMovie, look to see if any of the clips have become corrupted. Corrupted clips throw the audio off. But you can't delete these clips directly because if you try to click on them, iMovie 3 shuts down. So hold down shift, first click on a good clip next to the corrupted clip, then click on the corrupted clip. Both clips should be highlighted and now delete them. Its the only way!

Craig Gossage

I'm mad !! Apple included iMovie and iDVD with my new iMac and have been sending me free updates for iMovie. Now, when I tried to create a DVD using iMovie 3.0.2, my older version of iDVD will not recognize the file. What a rip-off! Now I have to buy iLife and pay for iMovie 3.0.2 which I already have! Like Steve Jobs needs more money !!

I am running into the same issue with the voice synchronization. The movie looks fine in iMovie and iDVD when previewing it. However, when I burn it onto a DVD, the voice is about 1.5 sec off from the video. Did some digging and found follwoing URL

That discusses the problem. It is a bug with iMovie and the suggestion is to drag the audio into a separate track. I have not tried that yet because I just found the article. Hope it works. I will update this page with the results later.

I did test it and it worked. Extract the audio from your video clips and the iMovie will automatically add it to the audio track right below the video track and lower the original audio on your video track. Just make sure that you use the second audio track for your music because if you use the first track, it will be displayced in the video and you will need to re-arrange it!

Hope it works for you!

Thanks, Boris! We'll give it a try.

burning three shorts, slideshow, second menu with additional 30 minute video. everything in preview looks great. on TV, only one short is skrewed up. it looks like every other frame is missing. image is jerky. but the rest is fine. everything works on the macs dvd player fine. does that mean that the dvd burned correctly if it works on the computer and its my tv's dvd player thats swrewd up? please help.

The Dark Child

Have older MAC and original version of IMOVIE...I know I am a an old hag...have project that I have been working on for some time that was fine and NOW it seems ALL my clips are corrupted and won't play...using extraneous 200 gig storage drive and bringing m work back and forth may have done this. ANYWAY to save the project WITHOUT DELETING what I have accomplished so far?

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