Thursday, February 20, 2003

S. Williams for Blount?

Boston Globe:

That said, there has been trade talk surrounding a deal for Denver (and former Boston) center Mark Blount. League sources said yesterday that the Celtics have talked with the Nuggets about a deal that would send Shammond Williams and a second-round pick to Denver in exchange for Blount.

No. Please. We don’t need the “Shaq of the Shaw’s” back in green. Even if he can put up better numbers than Baker.

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Mike, don't pick up the sports page tomorrow.

OK, the best positive spin I can come up with is:

Bremer may get a chance to develop into a David Wesley.

Wallace will be gone at the end of the season.

Wait, they sent Bremer to Charlotte/New Orleans? :)

I just found this quote on the Celtics mailing list:

“Mark’s big-man skills are equal to us drafting a top-three pick in this year’s lottery.” -Leo Papile

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