Tuesday, February 11, 2003

NetNewsWire 1.0

The “pro” version of NetNewsWire is out. Although I was initially skeptical, NetNewsWire Lite really grew on me. Now it’s probably my favorite new program since Watson.

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wow, i wasn't sure i cared to bother with the pro version. the lite version has suited me extremely well. however, the built-in blog poster/editor alone may be worth the upgrade.

I feel pretty much the same way, Mike. I started using NNW as an alternative viewer for sites like Maccentral and Slashdot - pages that were updated frequenty and often lacked summariers. Once I relagated those pages either to the browser or the virtual dustbin and started finding more true blogs, NNW quickly became one of my favorite apps - when I need to reboot/login, it's one of the first 5 apps I launch.

Of course, 3 of those 5 are web broswers, so that probably says more about me than my choice of NNW...

I just didn't think that it would be that useful. I didn't know of many good blogs, and not being able to read the full posts of most of them in the third pane seemed like a drawback. It still is, but now I see that the main feature is that it keeps track of what I've read.

The posts are gathered from the xml feed, right? If so, there's really not much that nnw can do about it if the feed only contains a summary or an excerpt.

Raena: You're correct: it's not NNW's fault, but that doesn't change that it makes NNW less useful than it might be.

Yeah, there's a point. At the very least, though, it tells you that there's x new posts to look at. That in itself is worth it for the freeb.

People with older Movable Type templates are the big culprits for this stuff. It includes the excerpt rather than the first portion of the body. I never realised that until the other day.

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