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The Future of Animation

Jeff Carlson:

The New York Times has an interesting story about the state of feature animation, notably the “old style” Disney version (hand-drawn) versus the “new style” Pixar version (computer-generated). It’s a tough field right now, with lots of talented artists getting laid off because people are more eager to see shiny new CG films like Shrek, Toy Story, or Monsters, Inc. I’ve seen a few articles that shallowly pit the old versus the new, instead of revealing the true cause of why traditional-animation flicks haven’t done as well: they’ve been crap.

Exactly. Toy Story would still have been great with traditional animation.


I think what jeff means muffin is that the storys (which is what its all about at the end of the day)that have been animated in 2D traditional animation recently have not been anywere as good as the storys that have been animated using 3D CG animation. This argument of wether 3D is better than 2D should be rendered totally irrelevent anyway because in all animation studios now they use all techniques, old and new, to create the desired look. Main stream animation is going to end up being 2 1/2D, neither one nor the other but a combination of the best qualitys from each.

I deeply, most sincerely feel that killing off traditional cel animation is wrong. It would make disney less popular,and ruin the entertainment franchise. I beg Disney, Please, PLEESE don't give up cel animation! I heard that a future disney cartoon film, called Antonius, about a leapoard in ancient Egypt who becomes a freedom fighter, will be a cel animation project.
It just shows that tradition animation isn't completely dead at all. The only thing I'm not sure about is the plot and apparent title character. I meas, Disney used a leaporard as a villain in Tarzan, so is using one as a hero in this new film a really good idea? But anyway, all I'm saying is please don't give up cel animation. Thank you

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