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ATPM 9.02

The February issue of ATPM is out.

Worse Is Not That Much Better


I think it is safe to say that Perl is experiencing a disruption. And even worse, the Perl community is reacting exactly like an incumbent champion of industry would, adding features—and cost—and spending endless amounts of time on sophistication and ‘getting it right’ to tweak the mileage the language offers.

Introduction to PyObjC

Bill Bumgarner has written an article about the PyObjC bridge. It looks really neat, and I’ll probably start using it in place of FScript.

For the Objective-C developer, access to Python provides a rapid application-development solution that’s far more efficient than one requiring a compiler. For the Python developer, transparent access to Objective-C would allow the developer’s scripts to leverage the full power and elegance of the Mac OS X environment.


Eric Albert has written a moving piece about the Columbia STS-107 tragedy. I, too, remember the Challenger explosion, which we watched in a school-wide assembly because a New Hampshire school teacher was among its crew.

I remember the Challenger explosion, and the meaning it had to a boy enthralled by the idea of exploring the universe. Strangely enough, the disaster only increased my interest in space, as I and many others paid more attention to subsequent Shuttle missions than we had to Challenger. I hope that the same outpouring of interest will occur here—that a new generation of children will cheer on our space program with more energy than they did yesterday. If so, that’s one positive that might come from today’s events.

Lee Bennett and Chris Turner have posted their thoughts, and Dave Winer has posted lots of links.

I was very impressed by Ron Dittemore.

UI Browser

PreFab Software, makers of the excellent Player, has released UI Browser, an application that provides a graphical browser for Mac OS X’s GUI Scripting. Think Script Debugger’s dictionary explorer for GUI scripting.