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Opera and Safari

Chuq Von Rospach and Eric Albert are Apple guys, so they’re not impartial, but their thoughts on the News.com Opera article are dead-on. To me, what’s important about the article is that it’s a reminder of how much most tech journalism sucks, even when it’s factual. I’d much rather read an informed opinion (which I might not agree with) than an “objective” news story that takes sides by omitting half the story.

Update (2013-02-16): The blogs are down, but Eric Albert and Chuq Von Rospach’s posts are available from the Internet Archive.


Skip Oberon

I appreciate your point, but have you clearly considered the ramifications of the glowing tech journalist? Apple guys? I played the harpsichord for years and never ate as much as a single Golden Delicious. Half the story, omitting by sides, takes that story news "objective."

Tech journalism doesn't suck, its just some of the people that come out with these nonsense articles that ruin it for everyone else.

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