Friday, January 3, 2003

ATPM 9.01

The January issue of ATPM is out. There’s lots of great stuff this month, even if we finished a bit late. The December and January issues are always the hardest because of holidays at the end of the month. The reviews mix is a bit unusual. Greg Tetrault had done a lot of double-duty recently, and Eric Blair had an incredible streak going; they both took this issue off and hopefully had a good rest. Filling in are some familiar faces from other parts of the e-zine. Web Editor and comments guru Lee Bennett reviews EarthDesk. Longtime ATPM staffer Evan Trent, who’s been mostly writing opinions lately, reviews the new printer that he’s using at Symphony Sound. And Robert Paul Leitao, the doyen of ATPM, took on the tough job of reviewing StuffIt Deluxe 7. After writing five StuffIt reviews that, I think, started to sound like broken records (When are they going to learn from Salient? Aren’t DMGs cool?), I was happy to recuse myself from this one. I’d link to some other articles, but they’re all good so you may as well check out the whole issue.

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