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Monday, December 23, 2002

bbdiff 1.1

John Gruber has updated bbdiff, his command-line script for using BBEdit’s Find Differences command. If you comment out some of his defensive programming like so:

# Make sure there are two, and only two, file arguments.

# my $count = @ARGV;

# if ($count != 2) {

#     die usage();

# }

You can set it as CVL’s opendiff tool to compare revisions using BBEdit instead of FileMerge. If the files to compare weren’t previously open in BBEdit, closing the differences window will close both files. This is one of those little interface touches that make BBEdit so great.

By the way, I finally posted my little AppleScript for diffing the top two BBEdit windows. When you don’t need to set any options, it’s much quicker than going through BBEdit’s Find Differences window.

GUI Scripting

Daring Fireball is rightly concerned, but GUI scripting is definitely a net positive:

What I fear, however, is that GUI Scripting will provide cover to lazy and ignorant developers who do not wish to provide genuine scripting interfaces to their applications.

PHP and Ruby in Project Builder

Following Bill Bumgarner’s lead, here are plug-ins for PHP and Ruby.