Friday, December 20, 2002 [Tweets] [Favorites]

Serenity and VCDs

Don’t forget to tune into the two-hour Firefly pilot tonight. It’s at 8 EST on Fox. After missing the two-weeks-ago episode “War Stories,” I was able to get a copy on VCD thanks to the kindness of Beth Aweau. Unfortunately, my DVD player is too old/cheap to play VCDs, and OS X’s QuickTime Player can’t play them either. MacVCD X can play VCDs on OS X, but I wanted to convert the movie into an MPEG file I could play with QuickTime. To do this, I opened the .dat file in OS 9’s QuickTime Player and saved the movie as a self-contained file. Then I used vcdgear’s -dat2mpg converter. VCDGearX is an AppleScript Studio interface for vcdgear, but I couldn’t get it to work so I ended up using the command-line tool inside VCDGearX’s application package.


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