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Mal Speaks

Nathan Fillion:

So, here we all are. It seems that we are a living embodiment for the show. We are Browncoats, fighting a war we were never meant to win, but fighting none the less. The Fox Alliance has spoken, leaving us to make due with the cards we’ve been dealt. If you are anything like me, you’ve been pulling the record tabs off your precious Firefly VHS tapes, pushing along through your life still bitterly fighting the war from within.

I love Firefly. Walking around the cargo bay, the bridge, it’s all been terribly painful. It does still live inside me, though. With every “gorram” or “them as can” I throw unknowingly into my daily conversation, or everytime I sit in the Captain’s chair that lives in my heart, I smile with the knowledge of what we’ve accomplished here. We may have been on the losing side, still not convinced it was the wrong one. I can’t remember who said that.

If ever you see me on the street, just nod and say, “Captain.” You’ll make my day.


Last night’s pilot was excellent, yet executive producer Tim Minear confirms that it was what Fox executives deemed too slow.

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