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Sunday, December 15, 2002

Mac Users Uncover eBay Scam Artist

MacNN breaks Jason Eric Smith’s story.

On-the-Fly Garbage Collection


One of the classic papers about incremental and parallel garbage collection. Communicating sequential processes, implementing cooperative multitasking, are the form of parrallism used. The main goal was to design an algorithm with as little synchronization and mutual exclusion as possible.

Kernel Panics

Apple has released Technical Note 2063: Understanding and Debugging Kernel Panics (via Ranchero).

Quit Slashdot

Here’s the link.

Java Syntactic Extensions

Ovidiu Predescu:

I think the JSR 201 should broaden the scope of the proposed extensions. Instead of proposing just some minor syntactic sugars to the Java syntax, it should try to extend the language in such a way that allows unlimited extensibility of the syntax by means of macros.


Keith Devens:

On ::Manageability:: there’s an interesting post about how bad Microsoft’s CLR is for running interpretive languages.…I told my friend that this is what Microsoft does…even though they supposedly provide a common framework, they favor their own blessed language. It’s the same with C#.

Stanford to Clone Human Stem Cells

Eric Albert:

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Stanford is starting a privately funded program to do human stem cell research by cloning embryos. This is an end run around the President's attempt last year to block embryonic stem cell research, since the program won’t be dependent on federal funding.…Politics shouldn’t try to stop science, especially in areas in which the potential benefits of the research are huge.

Microsoft Pays States’ Legal Fees

Eric Albert:

How Appealing points to a Washington Post story that surprisingly has received little notice elsewhere. Apparently Microsoft offered to pay the legal fees of any state that didn’t appeal the recent antitrust decision. All but two states accepted the offer and decided not to appeal.