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Thursday, December 12, 2002

The World According to Google

Steven Levy (author of Hackers and Insanely Great) has written an article on the rising importance of Google.

Cocoa Object Library

Steven Frank has started yet another repository for re-usable Cocoa classes.

The Evolution of Online Distribution

Tim O’Reilly wrote a great article on piracy and online distribution.

There is nothing in technology that changes the fundamental dynamic by which millions of potentially fungible products reach millions of potential consumers. The means by which aggregation and selection are made may change with technology, but the need for aggregation and selection will not.
Services like Kazaa flourish in the absence of competitive alternatives.…The current experience of online file sharing services is mediocre at best. Students and others with time on their hands may find them adequate. But they leave much to be desired, with redundant copies of uneven quality, intermittent availability of some works, incorrect identification of artist or song, and many other quality problems.