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JDirect History

Apple’s Allen Denison, in a post to the Java-Dev list:

Apple would like to announce that starting with the release of Java 1.4.1, we will no longer be supporting the JDirect technology.

In addition, we do not recommend that developers use any method of accessing Carbon from Java 1.4.1, even through JNI.

I haven’t actually used JDirect, but I’ve used Java libraries that use it. From what I’ve heard, it’s much better than Sun’s JNI. I’m not exactly sure what the second sentence means. Most of Apple’s APIs are not exposed through Cocoa-Java, so this would seem to be a huge strike against any non–100% pure Java development on the Mac.

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I am a final year computer science student working on my final year project.

I dont know alot about JDirect and JNI, but I am investigating how to connect a windows application, in java code, to a dll coded in vb. The impression I get is that Jdirect can only be used on an apple pc. Therefore I hope I am correct in assuming that the onbly way I can connect the dll to the java application is by using JNI.

I would be very intereseted to hear comments on my problem, as im sure all information would be of a great help. My email is, if anyone would be kind enough to reply to my query.


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