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Ellen Feiss Interview

The Brown Daily Herald’s interview is pretty good. I can’t believe she’s the same age as my brother. At least Mahir was an adult.

Do you feel any connection to the Dell dude?
No, none whatsoever. That guy’s a doofus. I get a lot of “What if you guys had kids?” And I’m like, “What if we had kids?” Why would you ask that? What a weird question. They’d probably be blond.

Update (2016-08-19): The original page has been removed. Here’s the archived version and a substitute link.

Programming Windows

Darrin Cardani says:

I hate programming Windows. At first, I thought it was just that I was used to the Mac way of doing things, and it would take some adjustment, but I've come to the conclusion that, in fact, Windows just sucks.

Bill Bumgarner points out that using Windows isn’t any better.

The Unlambda Programming Language

Eric Albert links to the Unlambda Programming Language, which basically makes you program with the S and K combinators directly. Here’s what Fibonacci looks like:





Insert witty Perl comparison here.