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SpamSieve 1.2

SpamSieve IconI just released SpamSieve 1.2, a $20 shareware utility that adds Bayesian spam filtering to popular Mac OS X e-mail clients. New in 1.2 is support for Emailer and Eudora, as well as lots of accuracy, usability, and speed improvements.

Thanks to all the beta testers and everyone who’s registered SpamSieve!

Update: Within hours, someone reported that SpamSieve caused the Finder to crash when launched on 10.1.5. A quick update to SpamSieve 1.2.1 fixes this problem, which was caused by these two lines in the Info.plist file:


I had hoped that these lines would be a good template to help savvy users make SpamSieve hide its Dock icon. Unfortunately, the OS had other ideas.


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