Friday, November 15, 2002

Finder Move Problems

Nicholas Riley documents some problems with the OS X Finder. That’s like shooting fish in a barrel, of course, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that we’ve got to document this stuff (and report it via Radar) if it’s ever going to get fixed. I don’t know which problems Nicholas identified, but here are my 7:

  1. The title of the window is “Copy” even though we’re moving.
  2. It asks a question but only shows an “OK” button.
  3. There shouldn’t be a zoom box.
  4. It doesn’t say what permissions have to do with not being able to move.
  5. It doesn’t say how I could fix the permissions if I didn’t want to skip the files.
  6. It doesn’t say which items have the problematic permissions.
  7. The right side of the window looks funky with that disabled scroll bar.

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One more thing:

The Finder's Show Info dialogue lets you edit "Priveleges." Apple help refers to "access priveleges."

It's confusing that this dialogue refers to "permissions" instead.

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