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Saturday, November 9, 2002

I Believe Anti-Aliasing Is Not Addictive

James Duncan Davidson really likes Mac OS X’s anti-aliasing. On the contrary, I find it to be the single most annoying part of OS X. (Yes, it’s worse than the open/save panels and the mostly stateless Finder.) I find the text hard to read and ugly. There’s no way to turn it off system-wide. Some programs, like OmniWeb, let you disable anti-aliasing for their content views, but the resulting Quartz text is so poorly drawn that it often looks worse than with anti-aliasing. As a result, I use applications like iCab and BBEdit that draw their content using QuickDraw and thus can display actual screen fonts. (Sadly, Mailsmith, uses anti-aliased text for its lists.) Here are some screenshots of Mac OS X’s anti-aliasing, taken from my ATPM coverage. (Click for discussion.) pcp-fonts pcp-font-smoothing