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OmniObjectMeter Rules

I’m trying out OmniObjectMeter and finding it much more useful than Apple’s ObjectAlloc (though that is also good). It shows a stack trace for each allocation event, which makes it very easy to see which instances should have been deallocated and where the missing release is. You can double-click on a line in the stack trace to select that line of the source in Project Builder (alas, it doesn’t integrate with BBEdit). Today, OmniObjectMeter helped me track down a leak in a third-party framework that the in-development version of SpamSieve uses. It only took about five minutes, which is especially great since I hadn’t used the product before, save for double-clicking it on the WWDC CD to see what it was. At $149, OmniObjectMeter isn’t cheap, but if it proves this useful again I’ll probably buy it.