Tuesday, October 22, 2002

TidBITS Troubleshooting Primer

TidBITS has posted an article on troubleshooting techniques that anyone can use.

Although specialized knowledge certainly helps, troubleshooting is a universal skill. If you can figure out why your brakes are squeaking or why the sewing machine is jamming, you can figure out computer-related problems. Despite what many non-computer people think, there's no real difference.

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You are so very correct.
Oddly, my Google search for "troubleshooting is a universal skill" only turned up 3 hits.
I expected it to be much higher given (imo) the importance of recognizing that a troubleshooter is probably, usually, qualified in many different situations, not just the typical "computers" scenerio. They just get other titles: debugger, consultant, expert, analyst, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, mechanic.
A troubleshooter personality just plain thinks in that, mode.

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