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Finder Copy Wish List

I want a Replace All button in the window that asks what to do when there’s a copy collision—in other words a button like in the Mac OS Finder. I welcome the ability to decide on a case-by-case basis, but I nearly always want to replace everything; that shouldn’t take two clicks. Windows actually handles this rather well, if I recall. And, since this is my first Finder Wish List entry, I must mention the obvious: the Finder should remember views settings such as window positions, icon positions, open/closed disclosure triangles, and whether the toolbar is hidden. The Jaguar Finder is better than 10.1’s here, but I still run into glitches a few dozen times a day.


Here's the dumb osx trick of the day: to make Finder remember window settings, open the folder for which you want to adjust the settings, change the window position/list style/size and *close it* without touching any files. This will make Finder remember window's settings. Dumb.

Do you have a trick for making it remember disclosure triangle settings? :-)

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