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MDJ on Internet Config

MDJ 2002.10.02 includes a great article on Internet Config:

Internet Config already contained a complete and useful mapping of file name extensions to creator types, completely capable of mapping almost any file you’d need to send to a Windows machine, and yet Apple’s management wouldn’t even consider using it instead of forcing file name extension on every program, no matter how grossly inappropriate they may be. You do not need Omni Outliner [sic] documents to end in “.ooutline” because there is no Windows version to exchange files with. You definitely don’t need your AirPort Admin settings saved in “.basestation” files. Amazingly, Apple recommends with a straight corporate face that you should search for AppleWorks files by searching for files with the extension “.cwk”, as in “ClarisWorks,” saying that file type “is not an accurate way to search for files,” even though that’s only true because Apple told programmers to make it that way.…Or maybe not: since Internet Config so clearly disproves the NeXT notion that file system metadata must be eliminated, Apple may be deliberately deemphasizing the technology.


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