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January 3rd, 2022

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iOS 16 Wishes

The Surprising Cost of Checking Protocol Conformances…

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External Retina Display Rumors for 2022: #mjtsaiblog


Squeezing the Most Out of Bluetooth: #mjtsaiblog


@JPYguy @martinsteiger @jgordonshare Wow, never knew that you could type “->” for submenus.

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@martinsteiger @jgordonshare @JPYguy I’m not aware of any way to specify which one you mean if the title is not unique. :-(

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@JPYguy @martinsteiger @jgordonshare Yeah, that’s what I was asking about. The question is whether those are also s…

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@martinsteiger @jgordonshare Yes, it’s tied to the keyboard rather than the display language. AFAIK, apps can opt o…

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@martinsteiger @jgordonshare It’s working fine for me, with the Mac running in English. I wonder if it’s a bug rela…

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