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July 26th, 2021

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Kernel Extensions

Apple Security Bounty


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@mmunz @Apple And it’s 12.44 GB if you want to download a copy of the installer for later testing. No standalone updaters to download.

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Apple Business Model: A Naive Nostalgic Look: #mjtsaiblog


Smaller Preferences Tab Icons in Big Sur: #mjtsaiblog


The scroll bar is invisible, so there’s no indication that there’s anything else below. So it probably auto gathere…

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After testing this some more, I think this may have been a combination of Autogather and a UI issue. Perhaps my bug…

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Feedback Assistant on Monterey is no longer offering me the choice of attaching a sysdiagnose. When I submitted the…

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@ConfusedVorlon That just happened to me, too. Big Sur bug reported as fixed in Monterey, but it’s actually more broken than before, now.

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