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June 11th, 2021

@NSExceptional Yes, it’s against the guidelines, which Apple claims to follow for its own apps. Though they only sa…

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Settlement for AppleCare Privacy Invasion: #mjtsaiblog


@peternlewis They work normally for a week or two and then all of a sudden they disappear and have to be re-added and re-configurated.

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@apple_observer Most of the widgets seem to be worse in Big Sur, and Find My was removed in Catalina, but I do like the new Photos widget.

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@krzyzanowskim @EggFreckles Oh, the notifications are still there, just no widgets.

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Big Sur deleted all my Notification Center widgets again. :(

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@danielpunkass @dokas there’s a way you can detect the default GMT date and then use the other instead? Thanks for looking!

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@danielpunkass @dokas Editing old posts via WordPress doesn’t change the date. On posts where it happens via MarsEd…

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