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December 2nd, 2020

Sketch’s Big Sur App Icon: #mjtsaiblog


Porting Linux to Apple Silicon Macs: #mjtsaiblog


Is Big Sur’s System Volume Sealed?: #mjtsaiblog


Posts updated today:

The Apple Silicon M1

Mail Data Loss in macOS 10.15


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@DamienPetrilli I still have trouble syncing music to my phone or backing it up over Wi-Fi. :(

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@howardnoakley @felix_schwarz @tempelorg I think you can send it an Apple event. Not sure how to do it from within the app itself.

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@lapcatsoftware @felix_schwarz @howardnoakley @tempelorg What are you testing on? I think the change occurred in 10.11.

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@felix_schwarz @howardnoakley @tempelorg I mean default in the sense of what macOS does when the app doesn’t specif…

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@felix_schwarz @howardnoakley @tempelorg There was a key change a few releases later where automatic termination be…

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@felix_schwarz @howardnoakley @tempelorg Yes, sorry, you’re right that they really are stopped at launch. But it’s…

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