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November 11th, 2020

Google Photos to End Unlimited Storage: #mjtsaiblog


Mask-wearing Sticker Apps Now Approved: #mjtsaiblog


On Apple’s SwiftUI Header File Documentation: #mjtsaiblog


@al45tair I’ve verified this one with 3 different mail providers, including iCloud.

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@cdfinder @rgriff @lapcatsoftware They’re not reliable for me, either. :( I wrote an emlx parser, too…

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@rgriff @lapcatsoftware As it happens, they’ll need to use Spotlight because there’s another bug where Mail doesn’t…

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On both macOS 10.15.7 and 11.0.1 RC 2, a simple Mail rule that moves a message to a local mailbox doesn’t work. The…

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@DamienPetrilli @wincent Sorry to hear that. I haven’t heard of slow launching in that case. Do you have any idea (…

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@DamienPetrilli @wincent If you have plug-ins, you can reset it back to a quick launch time by disabling and then re-enabling them.

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