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September 18th, 2020

@kevin_bowen @jcenters You need a developer account to sign them with a Developer ID certificate and to notarize th…

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Apple Says Epic Is “Saboteur, Not a Martyr”: #mjtsaiblog


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Coda to Become Nova

App Consoles


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@lapcatsoftware Those are related to Unreal Engine, which they have temporary protection for. Shipping a new Fortni…

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@lapcatsoftware Surely if they do that again they’ll endanger their other account…

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@eurozerozero Yes, I think in that case the Quick Action receives the current text via system services, and so you’…

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@jcenters The user will get an alert telling them that the app is malware and not telling them how to launch it anyway.

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@eurozerozero Which Automator action are you referring to?

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@lapcatsoftware For example, select some text in a Safari window and choose Services > New Email With Selection. Th…

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@jcenters Are you suggesting that they should ship unsigned/unnotarized software? That doesn’t really count.

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Safari 14 seems to break system services. Select part of a Web page, invoke service, pasteboard claims to have all…

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