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January 21st, 2020

@jhollington @reneritchie Yes, it’s a distinction without a difference. The iMessage data is on Apple’s server, and Apple has the key.

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Apple Dropped Plans for End-to-End Encrypted iCloud Backups After FBI Objected: #mjtsaiblog


@eric_young_1 @reneritchie Saying that Apple is working on something is not a promise that it will ever ship as pro…

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@Marcumeister It’s a misdirection because iMessage is effectively not end-to-end in practice.

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@eric_young_1 @reneritchie Thanks for finding the link. I gotta agree with Rene that I don’t think this counts as advertising.

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@eric_young_1 @reneritchie I don’t recall Apple saying that iCloud backups would be end-to-end in the future. Where…

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@yuusharo @agiletortoise @reneritchie With syncing enabled, the messages aren’t part of the device backup, but they…

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@reneritchie @agiletortoise I think you have that backwards. I generates a new key on-device when iCloud backup is…

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@reneritchie Not picking on you, specifically. My point is that probably 99% of the articles I’ve seen get this wrong.

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@agiletortoise @reneritchie In effect, yes, because the backup includes the decryption key for the messages.

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@reneritchie I don’t think this has been well covered at all. For example, this article giv…

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@tempelorg What sort of app can handle receiving that many files at once?

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