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October 29th, 2019

@eric_young_1 Sorry, that was meant as a reply to someone else.

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@eric_young_1 Cool. I like lots of options, so long as they let me turn off extraneous features that complicate the…

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Time Machine Beaten by the Clock: #mjtsaiblog


@isaiah Great! Everyone seems to like it so far.

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@mxswd That makes sense. In this case, there were no such duplicates, though. This is a longstanding issue. Sometim…

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And…the Catalina Photos export reported that it skipped one of the photos, without saying which one or why it failed.

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@jgordonshare And I don’t know whether it’s Photos or file sharing in general, but my normal photo copy is about 10…

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RT @toothfairymac: ToothFairy 2.6, the easiest way to connect Bluetooth devices to your Mac, adds icons for the new AirPods Pro, Beats X, M…

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@ccgus Great, thanks for helping my decision. I think I’m going to go for it.

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Catalina save panels seem totally broken with file sharing. Click on another Mac, and it claims to be logged into t…

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@peternlewis @ccgus I think it has a limit of 1,000 posts. Not sure what it does after that (for printing or for se…

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@peternlewis @ccgus Good to hear. I saw some comments in their forum about KM forum users not being able print or s…

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@peternlewis @ccgus How are you liking Discourse for your forum?

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