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October 3rd, 2019

@andrewabernathy @rjonesy @weatherlineapp I do the same thing. Hit the limit and then bulk delete. It would definit…

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@pmcg Yeah, I really love how PasswordWallet can type into fields like that, as well as Apple’s password dialogs.

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@pmcg Yeah, some people like buttons. Bookmarklets are nice because they can work as menu items or keyboard shortcu…

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@elkmovie Maybe it depends on the platform or app type. I definitely spend way more than 5% on OS updates; sometimes it feels more like 50%.

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Instapaper Safari App Extension: #mjtsaiblog


Posts updated today:

Apple Expected to Remove 3D Touch

Mail in iOS 13


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HKmap Live Rejected From the App Store: #mjtsaiblog


@rjonesy What does “shutting down” mean? I can’t update to Weather Line 2 yet because I’m on iOS 12.

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@grynspan @jnadeau Cool! Is there new API for converting attributed strings to Terminal formatting?

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