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July 30th, 2018

@mkummer82 I guess it wouldn’t be hard for me to give up Handoff since Universal Clipboard has stopped working for…

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@tclementdev I don’t know. I’m skeptical that their solution can fix that. Have you seen that it helps?

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MacBook Pro 2018

App Preservation: Saving the App Store’s History…

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Discontinuation of Mac Support for Autodesk Alias and VRED: #mjtsaiblog


Slack and Atlassian Team Up on Chat Software: #mjtsaiblog


@LeoNatan @lapcatsoftware @galooticus I plan to keep rocking CFUserNotificationRef.

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@galooticus @lapcatsoftware Surprised it wasn’t already marked as such, since I think they announced the replacement in June.

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@mkummer82 Had not seen that. Thanks. Are you referring to disabling Handoff and AirDrop?

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@notio Do you have other Macs or Bluetooth devices nearby?

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@howardnoakley Hmm, I do have an MBP about 6 feet away from my iMac, and I’ve been using it more heavily lately due…

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Not sure what changed, since macOS 10.13.6 was a while ago, but in the last week I'm back up to around 10 spontaneo…

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