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August 11th, 2017

@cahuk Thanks for trying it out. I’m working on the scrolling speed. Please let me know if you have other suggestions.

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HyperCard on the Internet Archive: #mjtsaiblog


Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs: #mjtsaiblog


How Facebook Squashes Competition From Startups: #mjtsaiblog


Version Control ssh:// URL Shell Injection Vulnerability: #mjtsaiblog


@lapcatsoftware I think it depends on the app and on what you mean by “break.” I certainly see lots of new bugs eve…

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@lapcatsoftware I guess. But I just don’t see that big a market for people who don’t need maintenance updates becau…

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@lapcatsoftware Then someone subscribes for one month out of every year or two…

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@lucvandal I was debating between the two, got the iMac, am very happy with it.

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