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February 13th, 2016

@rosyna That's not what's happening here.

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@danielpunkass That had happened to me in the cold as well.

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Seems to have worked except that says there were 19 contacts that failed to import, and it won’t tell me which ones.

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Restoring Grandma’s contacts: download AddressBook folder from CrashPlan, open in VMware, export .vcf, import into

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@mdhughes Fixing but not communicating is only really a problem if they close the issue and the fix ended up being for something else.

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“Crashes are down” is not a response to “death of a thousand cuts.” It's a non sequitur.

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And…I just got another password prompt after unlocking just a few hours ago—to purchase a free app.

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It’s that developers have so little confidence that filing a Radar will lead to the bug being fixed at all.

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The main issue with external Radar is not that developers aren’t notified about which release a fix will be in.

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@pgor In my case, the phone is not plugged in a night, which is when this usually happens to me.

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@mcelhearn Supposed to be 48, right? In any case, it often asks me after about 8 hours.

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How many years has Touch ID been out, yet some mornings still wants my password to unlock for seemingly no reason?

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Apple Store genius messed up migration to my grandmother’s new iMac: contacts lost, Dock rearranged and apps removed, CrashPlan removed.

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