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February 12th, 2016

@leebennett Hope it’s not deleting your versions data. But maybe it doesn’t have privileges to do that.

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Removed the WordPress emoji JavaScript that cause causing bloat and validation failures:

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Adobe Creative Cloud Installer Deleting Hidden Files: #mjtsaiblog


Testing NSURLSession With Swift: #mjtsaiblog


Concurrent Memory Deallocation in the Objective-C Runtime: #mjtsaiblog


@danielpunkass @gte @grynspan Right. I want TextExpander to be able to tap events. I don’t need it to access my whole hard disk or network.

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@fzwob Thanks for the suggestion, however sending to a Gmail account did not work for me. Maybe there are multiple problems.

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@danielpunkass Right now, must forego all sandbox protections if your app needs one thing that doesn’t work in the sandbox.

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