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October 25th, 2015

@danielpunkass Yup. My bug fix update has been in review for longer than it took Apple itself to ship 10.11.1.

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For a week or so, I thought iCloud calendar renaming was finally working, but my calendar name just reverted again.

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@morrick Not sure about the speed, but the subpixel antialiasing applies to Skim and all the other PDFKit-using apps that I've seen.

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@bhaskarsb AirDrop has been working pretty well for me between Mac and iOS.

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@mjtsai And Preview still uses subpixel anti-aliasing even if that's turned off system-wide. :(

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Preview definitely seems slower in Mac OS X 10.11, now takes a few seconds for the progressive text rendering to sharpen.

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Would like to be able to force touch in Control Center to access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DND settings instead of toggle them.

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