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January 29th, 2015

Cause of low-disk-space warning: after updating to 10.10.2, iTunes decided to redownload 10+ GB of the Software Engineering Radio podcast.

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@siracusa Haha. I'm surprised the menu bar items still aren't reorderable. Seems like it would be a popular feature that's quite doable.

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iTunes Connect has been down for about half an hour, but the system status is still green:

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@jmfd No. I just reset it, and three apps added themselves. In order of first requests, it's #3, #1, #2. Also not alphabetical by full path.

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So what is the order of the apps in the Security & Privacy > Privacy pref pane? Doesn't seem to be alphabetical or date accessed.

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Anyone know what happened with the PDF engine in Yosemite? Seems to be slower across all apps and more crashy.

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