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October 25th, 2013

@simX No, I mean a list of messages (the top-right pane in the classic layout).

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Has anyone figured out how to Page Down through a message list in Apple Mail on Mavericks? Holding Control doesn’t work anymore.

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@DanFrakes Right. I knew it was necessary when editing the plist files manually. Surprised that the “defaults” command doesn’t auto-sync.

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@cocoalabs The circles are still based on my wallpaper, but the numbers are white (which I like).

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Clicking on AirDrop in Mavericks asked me to Allow it to make connections. I don’t recall that happening before for built-in OS services.

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Yay for thicker text in the iOS 7.0.3 dial pad.

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That was fast. A plurality of my customers (41%) are already on Mavericks. Snow Leopard is about to pass Lion.

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