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September 4th, 2013

So I had also used myOpenID for and, neither of which seem to use OpenID anymore.

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@michaelolson10 Thanks. I looked for such a page but didn’t see a link to it. Nomyopenid.comM6 seems to be down; I’ll check later.

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Fortunately, StackExchange lets you add multiple login methods to the same account.

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Jut got an e-mail saying myOpenID is shutting down. Wonder how to find out which sites I used it for. Probably just StackExchange.

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@cparnot Good point, although if you have repeated strings the interning is really nice.

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@fetchguy Yeah, the digital experience for subscribers isn’t very good. I’m actually scanning the articles I want to save. :-(

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Is there a 1x+2x screenshot app like RetinaCapture, but that works with multiple displays?

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