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August 26th, 2013

@secboffin Well, CFDictionary.h does say “The access time for a value in the dictionary is guaranteed to be at worst O(N)”.

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More appreciation for developer Evan Gross:

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Most Mac apps are code signed now. So by default, if a binary is horribly damaged, the OS shouldn’t launch it just to malfunction or crash.

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@mhenders Yeah, so it won’t be backing up your other files while it’s uploading the big DBs. For me: Arq currently lacks Glacier pruning.

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@mhenders In this case it’s more than 1 GB of derived files that change each time I launch the app.

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I’ve been wasting time and space backing up ~/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/apdb/. Aperture can rebuild it from the plists.

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@mrmachinetool Isn’t that dialog Chrome-specific?

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@dinhvh That’s too bad, but thanks for explaining.

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