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February 14th, 2013

@CrashPlanHelp Same thing happened twice. Had to re-login. Both times, the error went away after it finished generating the ZIP file.

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@nriley Maybe I should set that up for next time. Is there an easy way to use Back to My Mac when the other Mac has a different Apple ID?

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@rosyna It was in the autosave folder, but TextEdit was not auto-opening it, and screen sharing wasn’t working. So I got it from the backup.

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(No File:// / URL, just plain text from an RTF document.)

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She had said that she was typing the text into Mail and suddenly it disappeared. Turns out, when I paste it into my Mail, it crashes, too!

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All in all, @crashplan was successful. Restored unsaved TextEdit document that Grandma had been working on.

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Trying to do a Web restore from @crashplan, but got: [{"name":"SYSTEM","description":"Cannot invoke method isDirectory() on null object"}]

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