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January 16th, 2013

@zobskewed That’s interesting. Wonder if Intuit had to rewrite it so that it doesn’t do all that self-updating directly from their servers.

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@nathos @levifig Agreed on the rMBP except that I’m not sure how to factor in the shameful burn-in issue.

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@jgpmolloy Actual typing works OK with an iPad and Bluetooth. But terrible ergonomics when you have to tap anything, which is inevitable.

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@jgpmolloy I’d rather not, but it worked OK in the past. OTOH, I could see more and type better on Macs 20 years ago than on iOS today.

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iPhone is great. I like the iPad mini, too. But if I had to pick one, I’d keep the rMBP and go back to a Nokia candy bar and a Sony Discman.

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@TomEck Thanks for the recommendation. At this point I just want something simple that I’ll remember to use.

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