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December 13th, 2012

@gruber My experience is that even if you give Google your contacts data, and log in, you still can’t access it from Google Maps for iPhone.

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@smorr I am on the Mac, but not on iPhone. Various articles confirm that on iOS VIPs is limited to the inbox.

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@leebennett I don’t want a single server VIP mailbox. I like how, on the Mac, VIPs is an easily changeable view that cuts across mailboxes.

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@abrahamvegh By server I mean the mail server at DreamHost. They have a nice Web interface on top of what I assume is procmail.

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VIP mailbox in iOS 6’s Mail is useless for me since it only pulls from inbox. My VIPs are filed into mailboxes at the server level. Oh well.

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Kudos to the @1Password developers on a very smooth upgrade process.

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@mattgemmell What I mean is that when I take it out of the Dock or turn it on, it starts out at a very low brightness and slowly warms up.

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This iOS 6 slow brightness ramp-up is really annoying. Any way to disable that “feature”?

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