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October 24th, 2012

@betalogue Yeah, I see some strange behavior with restoration, including missing shadows and duplicate Dock icons.

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@gte Yes, and if you have a Retina display, attach an external non-Retina one. There are some weird issues with multi-resolution setups.

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Built-in options are a bit clunky. Lingon looks like an easy third-party way to run scripts periodically. Hope it survives sandboxcalypse.

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@viticci That’s a good tip about Automator Calendar Alarm workflows. Although it looks like Calendar can’t repeat them very often.

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@bmike Calendar no longer allows you to run scripts, so you need to open an app (and see it bounce in the Dock). Or am I missing something?

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Thanks for all the Keyboard Maestro recommendations. I like it but was looking for something built-in.

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@incanus77 Seems like that’s equivalent to writing a script that stays running. You’d need to find some other means of getting it going.

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@incanus77 @frr149 The AppleScript alert seems to be gone. I guess you could use “Open File” and give it a script saved as an application.

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People used to use iCal until the AppleScript functionality was removed.

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@incanus77 I’m looking for something for less technical users.

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@fjdekermadec I’m not aware of an easy (built-in) way for users to edit the crontab, though…

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What's the easiest way for a user to run an AppleScript periodically?

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